ADA’ Archery Range Rules

Please follow the range rules to optimize your experience and ensure safety of yourself and others. Non compliance will not be tolerated.


• Know and obey all the rules and range commands that are included in this document.
• Always walk at the archery range.
• Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult for close supervision.
• For safety secure all loose clothing, tie back long hair, and remove any of these items: bracelets, necklaces, loose hood strings, headphones (ear buds), etc.
• Wear closed toe shoes (Recommended).
• Store bow cases on tables, or other designated areas to avoid tripping hazards and leave space for spectators.
• Throw litter in the bins provided only. Smoking is not allowed.
• Treat everyone with respect.

Range Rules

• Wear protective equipment (Armguard, glove, tab, etc..)
• Always carry arrows with points down or in a quiver and never pointed toward people.
• Only commence firing when shooters are on the shooting line, everyone else is behind the waiting line, and after Range Officer directs to begin shooting.
• Shoot only the target directly in front of you. [on your lane]
• Use only target or field points.
•Always store arrows in the quiver until you are directed to shoot, or hold in hand vertically while covering the points/tips. Otherwise, always point the arrow towards the ground or the targets.
When drawing the bow always keep arrow pointed below the top of target (no sky draw).
• Only release the bow string at full draw and with an arrow nocked on the string. “Dry firing” damages bows and is dangerous to you and those around you.
• If an arrow drops past the shooting line, leave it on the floor until Range Officer directs you to retrieve the arrow.
• Only retrieve arrows during an agreed cease fire of the entire shooting line.
• If you cannot reach an arrow then ask for assistance; jumping or climbing on targets is not permitted.
• Treat all archery equipment with respect. Using damaged equipment can injure you and people around you.

Shooting Procedure

• Remain behind the waiting line until your hear 2 whistles. Archers should be prepared to step onto and straddle the shooting line ready to shoot.

• While waiting on the shooting line:

o Place your bow tip on your shoe to protect the tip and/or cam.
o Keep arrows in your quiver until you hear the 1 whistle blast to begin shooting.

• After shooting all your arrows:

o Step back from the shooting line.
o Set your bow on the rack.
o Wait behind the waiting line.

• Once everyone is done shooting and all archers are completely behind the waiting line, the Range Officer will blow the whistle 3 times to retrieve arrows:

o Walk to the target line and score arrows (do not touch arrows before or during scoring).
o One archer at a time per target will then pull arrows.


Whistle Commands

Two Blasts: Straddle the shooting line being
                      prepared with all equipment.

One Blast: Begin shooting.

Three Blasts: Collect arrows from targets.

Five or more Blasts: Emergency call to stop
                                     shooting immediately. If at
                                     full draw, let down arrow and
                                     put into quiver.

Verbal Commands

Clear: Begin shooting.

Safe: Stop shooting / Collect arrows
            from targets.

Cease fire: Emergency call to stop
                    shooting immediately.