Part of the Zayed Tournament


- Arrive on time (8:50 sharp), the schedule might have minor adjustments.

- Wear closed/sport shoes.

- Dress code: Sports outfit or casual but respectful of the traditions and culture of the UAE. Abayas are fine though you should be aware of the risks ( ask during the safety instruction)

- Be aware there is Media coverage on site.



The following links will help you know how to score properly.


This video describes the type of bow style we will use (We will use wooden bows only though so it's fair for everyone)


Sample of previous competition
Chapter: A Summer Clash ~

A semi-competitive event where archers of all levels undergo a standardized shoot and obtain a score. It's a great way to get into the sport for beginners or measure the skill of the more experienced archers.
Challenge yourself, challenge all other archers or even your own group of friends.
By the end of the week long event, all participants' scores will be displayed as part of an overall ranking.
Categories include Traditional (Barebow)Recurve (olympic)Compound.

AED 20 entry for members.
Non members can participate through walk-in sessions.

  • Participants participate in one or more of the following categories.
    A participant will only be allowed to podium once in which case they will decide which category to be represented in. The next highest score will take the spot of the remaining podium in such a case.
  1. Compound (30m)
  2. Recurve (20m)
  3. Barebow/Traditional (15m)
  4. Barebow/Traditional Kids up to 11years (10m)
  5. Barebow/Traditional Kids 12 to 15 years (10m)
  • Archers book/declare a date and time to shoot their competition round from the 25th August to 23rd September.
    There are no re-shoots. Archers are advised to be well prepared and practice well in advance.
  • The round consists of 12 ends of 6 arrows (total of 720 points)
    The score achieved will be placed on a board showing the ranking of the archer compared to everyone in the category.
    When scores are tied, the person with the most 10's will have the advantage. If that is still tied, inner 10 rings will be used. If a tie remains then the person who shot their round first/earlier will rank higher. ( In the case ties will affect podium,  a shoot-off will take place.)
  • The top 6 archers of each Category will be invited to play another round on the 25th of September to try and improve on the previous score.
    The higher of the 2 rounds shall be used for the ranking board and podium.