Ola & Ahmed Silver et Bronze.

Chris & Nasser Podium.

M.K and Omar!!

Chris nailing a tennis ball at 20 meters (3 in a row!)

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Update Jan 2018:

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Come and shoot with us @ ADA' Archery Range

Our home for all Archers.
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Opening Hours

Cooler Season;
Everyday (except Sunday): 3pm - 10:00pm

​Friday and Saturday:
7am - 11am & 3pm - 10:00pm

Everyday (except Sunday): 4:30pm -10:00pm

Friday and Saturday: 6:30am -10:00am & 4:30pm -10:00pm


Everyday: 4:30pm - 6:45pm & 8:30pm - 11:30pm
Friday and Saturday: 6:00am -10:00am & everyday timing

Location: Click here
Currently relocating. Closed temporarily



We aim to cater to most needs of recreational and serious archers.

At ADA', you can:

  • Try out a session
  • Join a class
  • Enroll in a course
  • Take membership
  • Make group/company reservations

Walk in

Guests who are new to the sport and would like to give archery a try can do so simply by opting for a timed session. Choose from half an hour, 1 hour or a full day’s access to suit your need.
(Equipment is provided on site.)

Children below 15 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


We recommend that adults & kids aged 10 and above register for classes. These are supervised 1.5 hour sessions with an experienced archer spotting and coaching the group. You're going to love the sport as you see immediate results of performing the shot well; through proper knowledge and sound practice.


For the serious archer or the regular hobbyist, the membership is a very smart step. Not only would you save on costs, but also get exclusive benefits.


ADA' Archery Range

Home of the Abu Dhabi Archers community, ADA' (meaning 'performance' in Arabic) Archery Range is the place to go to for the serious and the recreational archer. Based in Al Ghazal Golf Club, the friendly atmosphere & convenient location allow you to come for a relaxing time enjoying the release of arrows onto target or practice for hours on end to try and best it out in friendly competition and organized tournaments!

A "for archers - by archers" project, this club would cater to individuals, groups, seniors to kids aged 8 and over.

050 721 32 30


Our purpose and goals are to support Archery as a sport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. We hope to be able to help set up proper facilities and host events as well promote Archery in the UAE whenever the opportunity arises. By doing so, we hope to be able to support bringing up the National talent in Archery to take part in world championships and the Olympics.

Register with us for newsletters about anything to do with Archery & discussions in the forum (coming soon). Benefits include:

·       Getting updates about Archery development, get-togethers and events.

·       Stay connected with Abu Dhabi’s Archers community.

·       Sponsorship, discounts and special invitations to events.

.        Much more!


Al Ain Archers

Excellent shooting range.
Beautifully green and so is the welcoming atmosphere.

Al Ain Archers is a new club and is managed by the Archers themselves!! As it picks up the pace, more & more will be on offer.
Currently, Shooting sessions are Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6pm till 8pm.

Prior booking required.
Please send an email to